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Take Aways from a Trauma Counsellor

I’ve been working with trauma for a decade now. Usually my clients have experienced childhood or young adult trauma, from abuse to neglect and violence. I have a few takeaways I’d love to share with you.

  • There is a part of you that is driven to Wholeness. I call it the ‘inner healer.’ It’s the part of you that finds the right practitioner, that is committed to healing, that seeks to overcome the past and create a happier way forward. This part of you knows you best, your unique journey and the kinds of approaches that are going to work best for your body/mind. It should always be listened to, both on your own and in a session with a practitioner. It’s incredible just how clear the path to healing is when you learn to listen to it!

  • You don’t necessarily have to go into the story of what happened. Reliving the past can be re-traumatising. The most effective way to begin to neutralise past memories is to focus on what’s not working right now in your life, and if a past event is interfering, it’s possible to dive into how it’s interfering and work with it from that perspective. This might mean recounting part of the story or else focusing on the nervous system and using tools to resettle it. Of course, there are those who really desire to share and be truly heard and validated, and for them, telling the story can be powerfully healing. There is no one right way (your inner healer will guide you!)

  • It’s helpful to approach trauma healing through the body as well as the mind. We’ve all heard ‘the body keeps the score’ - but in practice this means doing body-based practices that allow the body to release held trauma and memory. Trauma is often stored as muscular constriction, illness, or sensitivity, and there are ways to release it without going into a memory.

  • Holistic is the way to go, and it sometimes takes a team! Trauma can be complex. There is no one perfect method that is suitable for everyone. Be open to trying different approaches and more than one modality.

I call my approach the 3 Rs: release the body from trauma/emotion, rewire the mind, and realign with Wholeness. Body, mind and spirit. I am holistic and spiritual and use a bunch of modalities, from talk therapies to bodywork for trauma release. If you’re interested in working with me, I recommend a talk session first.

I can be booked most days at the FWC. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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