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Welcome to Freshwater Wellness Centre

FWC is a one-of-a-kind healing space that offers a diverse range of healing modalities facilitated by a team of skilled Alternative Wellness Practitioners. Our distribution center also provides a variety of wellness products to support healing in various ways. Come and experience the healing power of FWC today.

Our services include Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Breathwork, Spinal Flow Energetics, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Massage and body work, Holistic Counselling, Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Women's Circles, Life Coaching, Feng Shui, Astrology, Psychic readings and more.
If you are a practitioner in the Holistic Healing field, please enquire to become a member. This is free. Then you will meet with Claire, the owner, to organise how to use the rooms and how FWC can benefit you and your healing business.

FWC is committed to raising the vibe of our wonderful Northern Beaches Community.
We honour the original custodians of the land, our ancient ancestors and our angelic and galactic guides to embody love, light and unity.


This is our first treatment room and it has a warm, Earthy, grounded vibe.

It is perfect for body workers like massage or aromatherapists or one-on-one sound healing. It will also accommodate counselling-like sessions

This  is our largest treatment room and it has an ocean vibe, tranquil and cleansing. It is perfect for body workers like massage or other one-on-one sessions. It can also accommodate breathwork sessions, small group meditations as well as counselling-like sessions

This  is our most relaxing treatment room with a healing vibe based on the forest element. It is perfect for body workers like massage and other one-on-one sessions. It will also accommodate counselling-like sessions.

This  is our quiet treatment room and it is a darker room with deep healing, womb-like vibes.

It is perfect for relaxation sessions from massage or one-on-one mediation sessions or others.

This is our unique group room. It is a warm, fun, and sensual space. It is perfect for small groups of yoga, sound healing, mens'/women circles and workshops. We would recommend up to 8 for movement classes, up to 12 for meditation style events and up to 18 for seated groups.


Stunning Fully Furnished Treatment Rooms

Friendly owner with loving Support

Variety of Healing Modalities and fabulous community

Advanced Booking App Function

Unparalleled Energetic Baseline 

Advertising and Social Media Support

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3b/1 Rowe Street

Freshwater, NSW, Sydney, 2096

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