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4 STEPS to help a busy mum feel relaxed!

By Rebecca Gross: Massage, Healing, Workshops

“Just relax!” Easy for some. Or is it accessible for us all?

Deeeep relaxation is my intention for all my treatments. I am a remedial massage & beauty therapist, however, my foundation was built on years of studying energetic healing techniques and the connections between mind, body & soul. My teachers ranged from great masters & mentors in meditation, reiki, Chinese medicine, kinesiology, nutrition, mediumship, clairvoyants, shamanic practitioners, sound & crystal healing. Because of this early induction as a late teen, I have been able to create a life for myself that is deeply connected & soul full! I wanted to write this to share a few easy things that can be implemented to create deep moments of connection & relaxation aimed at all you busy mothers out there who seem to flea into my treatment room never wanting to leave.

Here are my top tips that even busy mummas can use to have some moments of connection & stillness. (Also, side note: wouldn’t kill ya to just allocate some time to yourselves. I watch mum’s guilt play out everywhere and I think we need to show children how to create pockets of self-care throughout the day. Learning to say “no” and not feeling guilty would be a good place to start).

Step 1: Meditation – I know this sounds like another chore and that’s why I started with the hardest one, but you can find 5 minutes to do a quick meditation and watch your life transform!

Download the ‘insight timer’ app for FREE & listen to .. well.. anything.

Meditation is for me; essential.

BUT keep it playful! I whack on a guided meditation and fall asleep at night to it, I let the words hit my subconscious whilst I’m sleeping to re-program my magical mind.

Check out Sarah Blondin’s guided meditation/practice – “I love you, I am listening”

* I actually used to work in a high-pressured sales role back in the day AND I used to grab my crystals & shawl and lay down under a tree or in one of the spare rooms at work and meditate on my lunch break. Just to give you an idea of where 5 minutes of space can be found.

Step 2: Aromas – burn an oil! Essential oils & incense have been used for a gazillion years, don’t hold me to that, but ages! There are MANY health benefits! For instance; you can throw out all your cleaning products and just use vinegar & essential oils plus a squirt of dishwashing liquid and kapoww! For the home: pick an oil you love, a high- quality oil (I use Doterra) and put it in a beautiful diffuser OR a few drops on a face washer in the shower and pop it on the floor for the steam to diffuse. ALSO – TURN THE LIGHTS OFF. It’s a game changer!

* IF the oil you’ve chosen is of high quality – you can pop a few drops into a carrier oil (any cold pressed oil you’ve got in the cupboard) and massage it into your décolletage & arms to continue smelling the aroma everywhere you go. I enjoy these small acts of self care as they really do carry you throughout the day. I use the carrier oils of hemp & coconut oil.

Step 3: Sound; try not to have multiple sounds at once – e.g. TV, radio, phone, gaming, computer, music, humans talking. Notice when there is sound competing with sound.

If someone is talking, be present with that one conversation. Our senses are overwhelmed in 2022 and it’s making it harder for people to be in the present moment & to access focus/ stillness.

TURN STUFF OFF or get others in the home to use headphones & become familiar with the ‘mute’ button. SILENCE.. mmm ..

My playlist for deeply relaxing music is on SPOTIFY – Bec Gross ‘I HEAL’ – I use this in my treatments and would love for you to enjoy these gentle sounds to create a relaxing space at home.

Step 4: LIGHT! Blue light, eeek. (google it – it’s a whole other post!) Start turning those lights off! Turn the light off when you shower and burn a candle (preferably beeswax for the negative ionic charge) or be in the dark as previously mentioned.

I own a fancy AF eye mask that I wear at night and whilst meditating from ‘bon charge’ and it is awesome for blocking out any light, aiming towards blue light, which can completely disrupt your hormones & sleep. I also use beeswax candles & salt lamps for their lighting and because they omit a negative ionic charge into the ‘air’ helping to support our health mentally and physically.


So there you have it, 4 steps (with a few others thrown in there) to help you connect to a more relaxed state of being! Deep relaxation can lead to physical changes and spiritual ones. You can take relaxation as deeply as you would like. Just like you can take meditation to its depths. But whether you retreat into the Himalayas for a month or listen to a 5 minute meditation, you are accessing the same part of you or at least opening up a conversation with the part of you that would like more peace, more connection & more stillness. The more you create these spaces and practices in the day, the more you will move through life with calm & the more you can flow through life with ease. Life is still happening but you won’t be as easily triggered & you will feel more connected.


Bec Gross


Available from ‘Freshwater Wellness Centre’ bi- monthly & Nelson Bay where I reside.

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