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Holistic Counselling

With Michelle

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m a Holistic Counsellor, Emotional Mind Integration Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Trauma Informed Therapist and Crisis trained.

My main difference is I look at my clients holistically, meaning I work with them emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically. I work with unhealthy belief patterns and how we change those into healthy belief patterns. How and where we hold things in our bodies and support clients in releasing them.

As humans our mind, body and spirit are intrinsically connected. We simply can’t work on one aspect of ourselves and expect to benefit. Trauma and grief are held in our bodies and unresolved trauma and grief can and do cause all sorts of issues emotionally, mentally and physically. We are very much conditioned to distract ourselves. Busy ourselves and just get on with things. This is so unhealthy. We need to unpack, process and work through the feelings. We also need to understand our experiences will be very unique to us and not let others dismiss our pain.

The areas I specialise in are loss/grief and inner child/ trauma work. We all face losses and we all hold traumas and unhealthy beliefs it’s how we move through them that determines whether we resolve them in healthy ways and are able to move forward. I use a range of modalities and tools when working with my clients, as it’s never a one shoe fits all. We are individuals and our needs are individual. I also work in a space with other incredible therapists, all experts in their field and it’s sometimes beneficial to be supported in different ways. As a therapist I’ve not only studied but I’ve worked hard on myself over the years and am very open to all sorts of healing work. Our healing and growth will always be an ongoing journey.

My mission is to walk alongside my clients on their journey.

To create a safe and open space to unpack and work through what’s going on in their lives. Clients often come for one reason and we soon find there’s a lot more underneath that has been affecting them.

Remember we face grief for all sorts of losses:

  • Death of a loved one

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Loss of health of self or loved one

  • Loss of job

  • Inability to have children and miscarriage

  • Loss of trust

  • Loss of the sort of life you thought you would have

  • Loss of self

Also remember trauma isn’t just abuse and neglect. As young children many events can be seen as traumatic and cause unhealthy beliefs to form and these beliefs can and do affect all aspects of our adult lives and relationships. We focus so much on our physical body (very important of course) but we often neglect our inner world and that can be the most damaging to our overall health.

Make 2023 your year to focus on your inner work and prioritise your emotional and mental



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