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Spinal Flow is coming to Freshy!

Spinal Flow is coming to Freshwater Wellness Centre!

This modality is creating a buzz and building a loyal following - and with good reason.

Meet Melanie Thorpe.

With Spinal Flow’s increasing buzz and a full-flowing schedule of private clients, she’s now expanding to create a group space here in Freshie. She wants as many people to experience this as possible.

Here’s what she has to say about it…

Spinal Flow® is a new way of bringing you back into alignment, of releasing symptoms, and of truly healing the connection between your body and mind.

We move you out of fight flight…and into flow.

And, it’s as gentle as it is powerful.

It means no longer need to choose between functional specialist appointments (think Chiro or Physio), and those we have for healing our ‘self’.

Spinal Flow brings these worlds together.

We see a release of pain and symptoms, inspiring emotional shifts, and of course some stunning physical realignment.

Spinal Flow allows your body to shift in it’s own way (which is smart).

In it’s own time (which can be fast, or slow).

In it’s own safety (which is as it should be).

And in a way that respects and involves your body as it’s own healer.

Spinal Flow® is gentle yet powerful and profound.

It is a “through the body first” technique. Somatic.

And while we work through the body we also service and elicit the ever entwining symphony that is our body, mind and spirit.

We communicate through one, to reach them all.

Plus, it feels really goood

Come heal. M

Available for private + group sessions - starting 25 May in FWC

Click to learn more and book your first session

Insta: mthealinghuman

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