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The deal on Smudge Sticks and Clearing Energy

Smudging has a long history of use in many indigenous cultures - Egyptian, Roman, and Greek, as well as in Native American and Australian healing traditions. #Smudging involves burning the leaves, wood or resin and letting the smoke purify the air.

Indigenous Australians were known to use Eucalyptus leaves and paper bark for cleansing and rituals. Native Americans are known to have used white, blue and black Sage, Sweetgrass, Rosemary, Lavender and Palo Santo. Another spiritually protective and energetically cleansing resin is Frankincense, used by many different cultures for its spiritually #cleansing and protective properties.

Commonly, a smudging #ritual also includes the use of a feather to move the smoke as well as an abalone shell to catch the ash. These tools are also symbolic of Air (feather), Water (shell), Earth (herb), Fire (burning/smoke) and Spirit is also called in to bless and guide the ritual. Using crystals to set intentions is also common and very powerful!

Practitioners of complementary and alternative therapies suggest that burning sage is believed to heal, protect and boost defense against disease by removing bacteria from the air and repelling insects. This is because they have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It also releases negative ions, countering the effects of positive ions, which can improve overall health and intuition.

Each herb does have its own physical and spiritual properties. Deciding on the intention is important and honoring the indigenous culture it is known for also deepens the practice. For example, burning white Sage is helpful for general energy clearing and protection, Palo Santo can support clarity, concentration, attract good fortune and raise the energy of a space.

Use smudging to cleanse specific objects like furniture, crystals and rooms, improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. It creates this harmonious energy in your environment by detaching and dissolving heavy or dense energy. If you are a #practitioner or person working with many different people and energies, use burning sage to clear, reset and protect your space and items.

Burning #sage is relatively cost-effective as practices go. It may be a helpful practice to create a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere that can be used alongside meditation and mindfulness.

It is super important to use sage and herbs that are ethically sourced and harvested - with no pesticides or growth hormones or chemicals in the drying process. Organic and sun-dried are the way to go! Freshwater Wellness Centre has a range of super quality smudging products available so you don't have to worry about this step!

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