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The New Moon in July 2024: Creating a Transformative Manifestation Ritual with Cacao

By: Jessica Saethang, CHt

The #newmoon on July 5, 2024, represents a powerful time of renewal and new

beginnings. Astrologically, new moons are periods when the moon is positioned

between the Earth and the Sun, making it invisible from Earth. This celestial alignment

signifies a time of reflection, intention-setting, and planting seeds for the future. Each

new moon carries unique energy depending on the astrological sign it falls under, and

the July 2024 new moon brings forth specific energetic influences that can be

harnessed for personal growth and #manifestation.

Energetic Significance - July 2024 New Moon

The #July2024 new moon occurs in the sign of Cancer. #Cancer is a water sign ruled by

the Moon itself, making this new moon especially potent. Cancer's energies are deeply

connected to emotions, intuition, home, and family. This period encourages us to turn

inward, focusing on our emotional well-being and nurturing our close relationships.

Key Energies of the July 2024 New Moon:

  1. Emotional Healing and Nurturing: Cancer's influence brings a heightened sensitivity to our emotional states. This is an ideal time to address unresolved emotions, heal past wounds, and cultivate self-compassion.

  2. Intuition and Inner Guidance: The intuitive nature of Cancer enhances our ability to connect with our inner selves. Trusting your gut feelings and #innerwisdom can lead to profound insights and personal growth.

  3. Home and Family: Cancer's energy is closely tied to the home and family dynamics. This new moon is a perfect time to set intentions around creating a harmonious living environment, strengthening family bonds, and fostering a sense of belonging.

  4. Self-Care and Security: Focus on your personal needs and self-care routines. Setting intentions related to physical and emotional security can create a strong foundation for future endeavors.

Cacao Ritual During the New Moon

Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires into reality. During the new moon,

the energy is perfect to set your intentions and harvest your manifestations. As part of a

monthly new moon ritual, you can incorporate different practices to enhance this period.

Using #cacao in a new moon ritual can amplify your intentions and connect you more deeply with the energies of the new moon. Cacao has been revered for centuries for its heart-opening properties and ability to facilitate spiritual and emotional healing.

The effects of ceremonial cacao on meditation. Ceremonial cacao is rich in:

  • Theobromine: A gentle stimulant that can enhance focus and concentration without the jitteriness associated with caffeine.

  • Magnesium: Known for its calming properties and ability to reduce muscle tension.

  • Antioxidants: Help to reduce stress and promote overall health.

  • Phenylethylamine (PEA): Sometimes called the love chemical, it can enhance mood and promote feelings of euphoria.

  • Anandamide: Often referred to as the bliss molecule, it can contribute to a sense of well-being and happiness.

Effects During Meditation

  • Enhanced Focus and Clarity: Theobromine in cacao helps to increase blood flow to the brain, improving cognitive function and mental clarity. This can lead to a deeper, more focused meditation session.

  • Heightened Mood and Emotional Release: The presence of PEA and anandamide can uplift the mood, making it easier to access positive emotions and release negative ones. This can facilitate a deeper emotional and #spiritualexperience during #meditation.

  • Physical Relaxation: Magnesium in cacao helps to relax muscles and reduce physical tension, allowing the body to sit more comfortably during extended meditation sessions.

  • Increased Heart-Centered Awareness: Many people report that cacao helps them connect more deeply with their heart center, promoting feelings of love, compassion, and empathy. This can enhance the emotional and spiritual aspects of meditation.

  • Enhanced Spiritual Connection: The ceremonial use of cacao often includes setting intentions and invoking a sense of sacredness, which can deepen the spiritual aspect of meditation. The ritualistic nature of preparing and con suming ceremonial cacao can create a mindful, present state, conducive to spiritual practices.

  • Increased Sensory Awareness: The consumption of cacao can heighten sensory perception, making meditators more aware of their bodily sensations and surroundings. This heightened awareness can lead to a more immersive meditative experience.

By combining the energies of the new moon with the heart-opening properties of cacao,

you can create a deeply transformative ritual. This sacred practice allows you to harness the celestial energies of the July 2024 new moon, setting the stage for emotional healing, personal growth, and the realisation of your deepest desires.

Join Jessica's monthly New Moon Intention Circles to tap into the transformative power of intention setting, and the energy of the universe to create a life we desire. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Jessica will use powerful guided and self-hypnosis techniques to unlock the power of your #subconsciousmind and allow you to feel into your intentions and manifest your future. This month, we will be incorporating ceremonial cacao from the organic farms of Peru into our manifestation meditation circle.

Next New Moon Manifestation Circle at Freshwater Wellness Center on Sunday, July 7 at 11am. Limited spots available, register at:

To practice at home, I invite you to listen to my New Moon Meditation:

For updates on upcoming events and workshops, join our FB group:

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