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The Pleasure + Power of a Journaling Practice

By Georgia Morelli, Coach, Sacred Space-holder and Journaling Queen

The art of putting pen to paper is something we usually stop doing after leaving school (and most likely dreaded during school). But forget spelling tests and essays - writing can be used in a way that serves us. Writing can be pleasurable, it can fill us up with self-love and it can transform our lives.

Why do people struggle to start, and continue, with a journaling practice?

When I sell my journals across markets in Sydney, I literally talk to hundreds of people about journaling. These are the most common things I hear:

"I don't have time to journal."

This is usually because someone thinks it has to take 2 hours, until I tell them that journaling can change your life in less than 10 minutes a day. And once you have easy, quick journaling techniques in your arsenal, you'll be amazed at what you can do with writing a couple pages when you first wake or before you go to bed.

"I don't know how to do it."

First of all, there's no right way to journal. Or wrong way. Forget all the strict essay structures you were taught at school - journaling is most powerful when it feels good for you, whatever that looks like. This is your space to be messy (that's why my journals are blank rather than invitation to let loose). I find that the biggest block people have with journaling is perfectionism. They worry they're not doing it right, filter what words come out or judge them when they're on the page.

"I do it for a bit and then just...forget."

This is the case when you journal ad hoc rather than creating a journaling habit or ritual. That habit can look however you want - every morning or evening, 15 minutes on a Sunday afternoon, on a full moon… Turning it into a beautiful ritual, with a candle or warm tea, also makes it more of a soothing, self-care experience rather than a chore. Having a pretty journal with soft, inviting pages and textures helps too! (You'll find my custom black + gold Moleskin journals in the FWC cabinet for sale).

So, what can journaling actually do for you?

You'll get amazing self-awareness

I've been a journaler for the last 5 years and I've watched myself grow and get to know myself so much more intimately. Every time I visit my journal, I find a best friend in the pages - and that best friend is me. And these days, that is such a gift. In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, faced with an overwhelming amount of options to choose from (for dinner, for a career, for a partner), getting to know who we are at our core is priceless. And the more you write, the more you start to hear your own intuitive voice guiding you throughout life. You'll be able to make decisions quicker and say no with more confidence, because you truly know yourself now.

You'll be able to self-coach

By letting your thoughts flow onto a page, you can take a step back and look at them more clearly with a curious, discerning eye. We have countless limiting beliefs and old stories flying around in our minds all at once, and as long as they stay in our minds only, they feel like the truth. They feel correct. But as soon as you release those thoughts into your journal, you don't feel as identified with them. You can start to question them - is that actually true? Why am I holding onto this belief? What can I replace this with? By journaling you can see your blocks, plain on paper. And you can start to literally rewrite your beliefs into ones you want to hold instead.

You're able to process emotions

I often feel an emotion so strongly and have absolutely no idea why (usually it's anger or frustration). My loved ones ask me, "what's wrong? What can I do?" and I can't tell them why. I don't know what I'm reacting to, and I don't know what I need. So I go visit my journal. I ask myself point blank, “where is this emotion coming from?” And the words just pour out... Sometimes it's instant; sometimes it takes 20 minutes. I connect the dots, I realise what has triggered me or what old story from the past is making me feel like a little girl again. There's just something about holding a pen in your hand with a blank page in front of you that feels like a safe space, and allows you to set your emotions free. To surrender your thoughts to the page. And it's such a cathartic release, to admit why you're resentful or jealous without judging yourself, knowing that no one else is going to read it. I like to ask myself: what am I feeling right now? What do I need? I usually emerge from my bedroom 20 minutes later being able to say to my confused partner, "ok, now I know what's up with me."

You have a direct channel with your intuition

We spend most of our lives disconnected from our intuitive voices - that inner wisdom that holds way more answers than our rational, logical minds do. Many people ask me, "how do I get my intuition to talk to me more?" And the first step is creating a space for it to do so. We can only listen to our intuition when we create blank space. But in our busy lives, we don't often have more than 5-10 minutes without doing, watching or reading something (ever wondered why you get your best ideas in the shower? It's usually the only time we're not distracted!) So sitting down in silence, completely present, with a blank page in your journal is the perfect way to coax your inner guidance to speak to you. And it won't shout to you straight away - remember it's been ignored for so long and its feelings are a little hurt - but the more you create space for it by journaling and take its messages at face value, the more of a trusting relationship you'll create. Then it'll start popping up at different points in your life too, when you need to decide if this career opportunity feels right or what wants to be painted on the canvas. For accessing this intuitive channel, I recommend free writing or stream of consciousness journaling. For 3 pages, write down your entire mind babble, every random thought, without lifting your pen to think too much. This opens the tap and by letting the words flow out, you'll eventually write down something that is...kind of genius. Be patient with this practice, and you may have to practice it for a few days in a row before you receive the big creative idea you've been looking for. But it's there, it's inside you - like a tap, you just have to create a steady stream for it to come out.

Journaling has been such a gift for me, and has been there for me through dark nights of the soul and some of the happiest moments of my life, and I want to share this gift with you. I think you'll be amazed at what you'll discover. The most important thing it teaches you is this - you have everything you need inside you, already. All the answers. You are your own healer.

If you're feeling called to explore the healing art of journaling, our Full Moon Tea & Journaling Workshop is the place to start. This is a space for complete newbies and for regular journalers who want to journal in circle or learn new techniques. You'll be guided through practices to unblock your perfectionist blocks, for powerful manifesting and for receiving creative downloads from your intuition. It'll be a creative, interactive experience with your own DIY cotton tea bag and you’ll receive one of my luxe leather journals.

Journaling is also an important part of my private coaching. If the idea of personalised 1:1 guidance sounds relieving to you, I'd be honoured to be part of your support and healing team. I am here to take the weight off your shoulders.

All you have to do is send me a hello message at

on Instagram @georgiamorelli_

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