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Oracle Cards - The Rose - Rebecca Campbell
  • Oracle Cards - The Rose - Rebecca Campbell

    Unlock the sacred mysteries of The Rose

    The Rose Oracle card deck by Rebecca Campbell includes a 44-card deck and a guidebook with 151 pages of information to help guide you on your spiritual journey. By utilising the sacred healing and mystic properties of Mother Rose, this oracle card deck will help you rediscover your authentic self and strengthen the wisdom that resides within you.


    Beautifully illustrated by Katie-Louise and presented in a matching sliding box that can also be used as a portable altar.


    This activating, stunning, deep rooted oracle opens the doorway to the physical and mystical teachings of The Rose. It creates space for you to connect with Her energy, wisdom and breathtaking beauty. The cards are steeped in mystery and the guidebook holds a depth of mystical teachings and research that is rarely seen in oracle decks. May Her healing mysteries call you home to your own true nature and connect you to the wisdom within.

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