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Harnessing the Power of the New Moon for Intention Setting

By: Jessica Saethang, CHt

New Moon is the perfect moment for intention setting and manifestation, symbolising

fresh starts and new beginnings. During this lunar phase, the Moon is hidden from view,

cloaking the night sky in darkness. It is a time akin to planting seeds in the fertile soil of

possibility, where intentions take root and grow.

New moons are a great time to reset and look at your life and goals, re-evaluating

anything that needs to change. Amidst the darkness, the New Moon invites us to pause,

reflect, and realign with our life's vision. It serves as a monthly prompt to assess our

goals, contemplate our aspirations, and discern what truly matters.

#Settingintentions during the New Moon encourages us to assume ownership of our

journey and articulate our deepest desires.

By clarifying our intentions, we infuse our

actions with purpose and direction. The new moon gives a push toward goals. #lifegoals encompass everything we aim to accomplish in life, where in the short or long-term and across our personal and professional lives. Goals are set in the future, where intentions are made in the present moment, providing a roadmap for each step of our journey. The most powerful tool you can do to achieve your goals involves setting


Intentions instil accountability, empowering us to make conscious choices aligned with

our desired outcomes. It enables us to be proactive in our lives by setting out choices &

timelines in connection with achieving our goals. As we define our goals, intention

setting emerges as the crucial first step toward their realisation. Regularly reaffirming

our intentions serves as a compass, ensuring we stay on course amidst life's twists and


Our subconscious mind is receptive to the messages we feed it. By infusing our

intentions with positivity and emotion, we prime ourselves to manifest these desired

outcomes in our lives, fostering #alignment between our thoughts, emotions, and

actions. Every goal we strive to achieve, starts with an intention, so why not start to consciously set your intentions each month.

Following the energy of the #lunar cycle, consciously setting your intention each

month, will become a powerful practice to remain in flow with mother nature and

co-create your life with her.

Join us for our monthly #newmoon intention sessions, led by Jessica Saethang, where

we'll collectively tap into the transformative power of intention setting, and the energy of

the universe to create a life we desire. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Jessica will use

powerful guided and self-hypnosis techniques to unlock the power of your #subconsciousmind and allow you to feel into your intentions and visualise your future.

Upcoming New Moon Intention Setting Meditation Circle at Freshwater Wellness Center

will be help on:

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