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Specialist Grief, Fertility & Perinatal Counselling

With Órlaith (pron. ‘Orla’)

I am noticing a real call out for support in relationships, parenting, life stressors and life in general. It can be so challenging and isolating to navigate it all, especially on the back of the difficult and turbulent past few years. I am a Master-qualified couple and family therapist with a specialisation in grief, fertility, and the perinatal space.

The grief title can often confuse people, thinking they can only engage in my support if they are experiencing a death loss.

On the contrary, my work is about supporting the magnitude of non-death losses we experience daily as we journey through life. Any change, transition, endings and beginnings, new phases, the ups and the downs, the hellos and goodbyes, unexpected

times in life, miscommunication, the hurts, change in who you are, change in family dynamics and circumstances, particularly in the transition to parenthood and within the journey of parenting, with all those shifts and bumps along the way.

With any adjustment or change, there is loss. It can be helpful to engage in support to work through, make sense of and bring about restoration of self, so that you can return to your relationships, parenting, life, and self

with a reset. As a couple this is an opportunity to be supported in relating with each other, especially if you have veered off course from one another and are finding it all a bit too hard. You don’t have to do it alone.

I invite you and welcome you to access support. You can visit my website to get a sense of how I work and what services of support I offer. You can contact me directly through my website, or @oscounselling

I very much look forward to being there for you and you can find me in person at the Freshwater Wellness Centre.

Take care. Órlaith

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