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The Light Body

By Francisca Guajardo

The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) also called the Light Body informs the physical structure of all living beings and organizes the body. Many researchers believe it is simply the aura but for the Shamans is what creates and continues to mold the body, the brain and the nervous system Our inner maps are stored in the LEF.

To shamans, the cause of the disease is due to the imprints of trauma and/or toxic emotions stored in the Light Body. If we don’t upgrade the quality of the luminous body we can experience disease or repeat the same dramas and genetic stories our ancestors experienced.

Shamans knew how to heal the LEF through different techniques and Rites, recognizing the importance of the Symbol to access the inner maps and heal the cause at the level of the Soul. They worked with plants, with Mother Earth forces, respecting The feminine, the Receptive principle that sustains Life.

Shamans understood hundreds of years ago about trauma and addictions. They were experts on what science calls today Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics.

Andean shamanism believes that in order to change the world we have to change our inner maps: This can happen through Sacred Ceremony. The beauty of indigenous healing modalities is not for the individual to adapt to the society. The aim of indigenous healing modalities is to return us to our place within the web of life, in service to the co-creation of a New Earth.

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