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Why your Chakras are so important....

Written by Wylder Clout

The human body has seven main #chakras, each being powerful energy systems

within the body overseeing specific organs or systems in the physical body, as well

as specific spiritual and emotional attributes. Each chakra rotates with energy, like a

spiral or whirlpool and is about the size of the palm of your hand connecting via a

central energy column running down your spine.

Every culture globally has understood a form of chakra energy for thousands of

years and related it to specific areas of the body identifying where there may be

blockages that could cause disease, general feelings of unwellness, periods of

anxiety, lack of sleep or an inability to function properly.

When the chakras are flowing freely, they feed energy into the physical body, the

mind, and emotions. At the same time, they remove any negative energies from the

body. When this happens, our physical, emotional, and mental bodies live in

harmony so that we feel happy, healthy and can face life’s challenges.

Unhealthy habits, negative thoughts and beliefs and a general lack of self-care can

all lead to our chakras blocking up and not functioning correctly. They are also

weakened by stress, anxiety, relationship issues, financial concerns, arguments, lack

of sleep, injury or illness, poor diet, or digestive issues.

Restoring the chakras to their best functioning levels is achievable if you remember

to be kind to yourself during your healing journey and understand that chakra healing

is a commitment that takes time.

When we choose to acknowledge, understand, and look after the energy centres in the body, we choose to move our lives into a more open and fulfilling experience without the negative energies that drag us down and make us unhappy. A Chakra healing allows the body to function at an optimal level, reduces the risks of disease and slows the aging process.

If you’d like to know more or to book a #Chakracleanse please contact me at or refer to

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